I am a plant food explorer, classically trained chef, content creator and advocate for adopting a plant-based lifestyle. In addition, I am also a self-proclaimed 'foodist' that has way too many cookbooks and who dreams about food all the time. As a creator, my preferred mediums of expression are plant food, photography and video.

My other passion is travel, and it is from my travels around the world, that I draw inspiration for the food ideas I conjure up in my head, the creations I dish out on plates and capture through my lens. My journey on this path to eating well-thier is on-going and my goal is to share my learnings with others.

"I CREATED the plant food federation to share my passion for whole and plant based foods that are beautiful to the eye and exciting to the palette. my desire is to help others make healthier food choices  and to celebrate fresh produce in a whole new way".

  • Thai Chilli Smoothie


  • Berry Verrine


  • Kale Salad


  • Linzer Cookies


  • Parfait


  • Raw Ravioli


  • Carrot Salad


  • Green Beans



My current mission in life is to tell the story of plant food in a Nigerian way. Complex, unique, intriguing, under explored, misunderstood, and sometimes intimidating. That is what Nigerian food is to me and that is what I want the world to learn of and to explore. I want to do my part to  help bring Nigerian plant food to the global culinary stage, as it deserves a spot on the table. What ends up on my plates are most times raw, certainly vegan and surprisingly, yet tastefully plant derived.  Here in this space I share a mix of local and foreign, Nigerian and global to help make living a plant-based lifestyle more palatable.


My foray into plant food began due to health reasons, as well as, my desire for my family to live a healthier, well-thier, cleaner life. As I began to explore food more deeply, I soon realised that plant food can look and taste absolutely amazing. And, once you understand the basics, there is not much to miss from a conventional diet. Once you take the first step, soon you'll want more plant foods on your plates, and then only plant food on your plates. I’m loving the new, healthier me that has evolved from transforming my lifestyle and I'm loving exploring new ways in which plants show up at my dining table. A long story cut quite short, my journey with food has led me to become a proessionally trained raw and plant food chef. Plant food is not a fad or craze for me. Plant food is life and the journey is just beginning.

"There is no passion to be found in playing small -- in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."

     - Nelson Mandela

A little bit more...

I live in the hustling and bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria, and I'm loving it!  I am trained in Raw & Plant-based Cuisine at Plant Lab Culinary (formerly Matthew Kenney Culinary) and am working on attaining the Master Seal certification through continued education there. My background is diverse and achievements many, but I have always been around and drawn by food. Achievements aside, what honestly and truly matters the most to me now is my passion for plant-based food and wellbeing, and my ability to share it.